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Aum Sri Sai Ram

Press Release by Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust

October 08, 2016

Dasara Celebrations, Prasanthi Vidhwan Mahasabha - Day 4

Day-7 of Devi Navarathri celebrations this evening, also the 4th day of Prasanthi Vidwan Mahasabha, witnessed a passionate speech by Prof Ruchir Desai, who delved deep into the genesis of the Veda Purusha Saptaha Jnana Yajna. The speech was followed by a Musical offering by the Anantapur Campus.

Beginning his story from 6th Oct 1961, the illustrious day when the tiny seed of activities of Bhagawan began at a very small scale, Prof Desai, then in elaborate terms explained the genesis behind the Yajna, narrating the story involving the Rani of Chincholi and the Kamandalu of Shirdi Baba. Quoting Bhagawan from the discourse delivered during the first ever Yajna, Prof Desai said, if we can convert our Yajna for a larger goal, without any desire for fruits of actions, we will fulfill the purpose of our lives and reach immortality, which is why Swami came down for us.

Sri Ruchir Desai is an Associate Professor with the Dept of Management Studies at the Brindavan Campus of SSSIHL.

Bhagawan's Divine discourse that followed next, played on the public address system, elaborated on the various Yajnas with torrential flow of Divine Wisdom.

A Musical offering followed next, by the Anantapur Campus of SSSIHL.


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