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Aum Sri Sai Ram

Press Release by Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust

October 09, 2016

Dasara Celebrations, Prasanthi Vidhwan Mahasabha-Day 5

Today is Durga Ashtami, in Bhagawan's words, the highlight of Devi Navaratri celebrations. Celebrating the day, after the customary Ayudha Puja ritual in the morning, this evening, the 5th session of Prasanthi Vidhwan Mahasabha at the Sai Kulwant Hall featured a talk by a faculty member followed by a Dance offering by the students.

Dr PL Rani, Associate Professor with Dept Of English, Anantapur Campus, was the speaker for the evening. In a free-flowing speech delivered in chaste English, the speaker attempted to link a memorable past to an meaningful present, delving on the beauty of Darshan, Sparshan and Sambhashan, narrating The Beauty Beyond Compare with beautiful anecdotes. Linking the illustrious past, of glories galore filled with Darshanam, Sparshanam and Sambhashanam, to the present, Dr Rani narrated the import of the simple, yet profound Mantra... 

Dhyaana-Muulam Gurur-Muurtih
Puujaa-Muulam Gurur-Padam

Mantra-Muulam Gurur-Vaakyam
Mokssa-Muulam Guruur-Krpaa

 explaining each of the four lines in detail. Bhagawan now is like the pilot of an aircraft, who is not seen when the flight is on... as He now is engaged in His task of taking us to the destination; we will be blessed with His Darshan once we reach our destination, said Dr Rani, ending her spirited speech.

 Bhagawan's exhilarating Divine discourse followed next, resonating the packed hall and entire Prasanthi with Divine vibrations.

Dancing students of Bhagawan's educational institutions, popularly known as Prasanthi Dance Group, then presented a riveting Dance Offering on the sacred life-story of Lord Sri Ramachandra, based out of Bhagawan's own narrations through Rama Katha Rasa Vahini.


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