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Aum Sri Sai Ram

Press Release by Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust

May 10, 2017

Buddha Pournima Celebrations

Holy Buddha Pournima is a yearly celebration that is being conducted at Prasanthi Nilayam by the Buddhist countries of Sathya Sai International Organizations.  Around 400 Members from such countries - Nepal, Laos, Srilanka, Thaiwan, Japan,  Malasiya, Singapore, Indonesia and Brunai, are here, to celebrate the occasion - 2017 and pay their gratitude to Bhagawan Baba.

On the first day of two days celebrations, today Veda Chanting commenced at 1700 Hrs, followed by chanting of Traditional Buddhist Slokas by Monks and other devotees. The theme of the Celebrations is “Ahima Paramo Dharma”.

Dr Ravindran, Chairman of Zone 4, SSIO, addressed the gathering and remembered the blessings of Bhagawan Baba to all,  at all the times.  He reminded that the life of Buddha and his teachings would lead everyone to bountiful Love.

Sri Amar Karki, Central Co-ordinator of Zone 4 spoke next.  He introduced the two speakers of the day Monk Sri Bhikshu Kodanya from Nepal and a Monk Sri Ven Phra Achan Khamhoung Toulavanh from Laos.

Sri Ven Bhikshu Kodanya in his address said that the preaching of Buddha is very practical and educates Ahimsa, Non-violence and compassion. He said that the Buddhism is an International faith and directs everyone to Live and Let-live and Sathya Sai Organizations has a very appropriate Icon comprising of five important religions.

Speaking next the Buddhist Monk Sri Ven Phra Achan Khamhoung Toulavanh from Lao PDR, congratulated the wonderful celebrations organized by the SSIO to celebrate the Buddha’s birth Anniversary in the Divine Abode of Bhagawan Baba.  The speaker also said that the Teachings of Buddha can be remembered on this day and everyone might try to follow the same in reality. He also said that the Teachings of Bhagawan Baba, Love all and Serve all and Help ever and hurt never is the conclusion of mostly all the religions in the World.  He strongly felt that these eight dharmic words encompass teachings of all religions, all scriptures essentially; it says that Love and Selfless Service are the panacea of all worldly troubles and the duty of all to follow-especially that of spiritual aspirants.  He also expressed his loving gratitude to Bhagawan Baba and remembered on the Free Educational assistance/Services provided to the children at His country –LAOS. He also cherished the different loving Services to the Society,  by the Sai Volunteers. 

Balavikas Children of SSIO from Nepal & Thailand  presented the dances next, which were colourful and depicted the cultural heritages of their respective countries.

Bhajans and Arati next, marked the end of the Session of the first day of Buddha Purnima Celebrations at 1930 Hrs.


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