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Aum Sri Sai Ram

Press Release by Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust

February 19, 2017

Adilabad District Parthi Yathra - Day 1

"Sai Padham" Dance-Drama Presentation by the Balavikas Children

The Parthi Yatra of Adilabad District started with a speech by the District Coordinator. In his humble submission to the audience, the district coordinator said that people predominantly from villages – 2,300 people have come for this year’s Parthi Yatra after undertaking service programmes. Their first Parthi Yatra was in the year 2007.

Relating some striking experiences, he said in the year 2006, a person who was not a devotee was afflicted with serious ailment. He was given a photograph and Vibhuti packed and told to have faith in Swami. Lo and behold, he was cured of his ailment. Narrating another experience of a boy, who wanted to have a photograph of Bhagawan, but did not have to means to do so. When he told this to his father, the father asked him to keep quiet as they had enough photos in their altar. In the night, the boy had a dream, wherein Swami told him the exact place near a stone where he can pick the money needed to buy the photo. When he got up the next morning and went near the stone, he was astonished to find the 200 rupees. When he related this incident to his father, he was surprised that Sai Baba can do so much. On another occasion, they had forgotten to bring the Arati plate to Sai Kulwant Hall. But there was hardly any time left to bring it from their room. The Omniscient Lord, Bhagawan called the coordinator near Him and told him that he can use the Arati plate of Pujari Bhat. The speaker expressed as to who told Swami about their predicament! In the year 2009, Bhagawan told them the relationship He has with Adilabad people is inseparable and interdependent.  

The next programme for the evening was a drama “Sai Padam” which began with a dance offering their salutations to Bhagawan. The scene of the drama opens up with 3 persons awestruck by the goodness and beauty of heaven. They had attained heaven after ending their earthly sojourn. They, all along praise the righteous rule of Devendra. It is then that Narada enters and tries to instill an element of doubt in their minds by saying, that all is not well with heaven and there is corruption in heaven too. The divine sage says that a ryot has entered heaven through recommendation of Chitragupta. The three persons are angry at Devendra and go along with Narada to question Devendra.  After due consultations, they decide to take up the matter with Yama Dharmaraja. The ryot is brought before Yama Dharmaraja and interrogated. Chitragupta reads out the entire life story of the ryot. The ryot is an active member of Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organizations and follows the nine-point code of conduct scrupulously, chants the name of the Lord, undertakes service activities, sings the name of the Lord every week with his family members, participating in Prasanthi Seva every year for a period of ten days. The drama ends with a lofty message those, who follow the principles laid down by Bhagawan are sure to enter heaven.  

Bhagawan’s Golden voice singing “Bhajana Bina “was aired through the PA System. The proceedings for the day ended with felicitation of the artistes, distribution of Prasadam to all assembled, Bhajans and Mangala Arati. 



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