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Aum Sri Sai Ram

Press Release by Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust

November 19, 2014

“Sri Sathya Sai” Birthday Celebrations – Day 2 19-11-2014 (Morning)


Ladies’ Day


Today, 19th November, is Ladies' Day, the special day designated by Bhagawan Baba Himself reminding one and all of the greatness of Womanhood, the day The Supreme Mother Divine bestowed upon the makers of the home, makers of the nation, makers of the world. It was in 1996, 19 years ago, Bhagawan declared the inception of Ladies' Day, to be celebrated on 19th November every year. Ever since this day has been a very special day in the Prasanthi Festive Calendar, with women from Sai fraternity around the globe celebrating the event with great devotional zeal. This day stands apart in the annals of human history, as Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, with His Divine vision, designated it to extol and glorify, for the world to follow… honoring, respecting and worshiping Womanhood. The 'fraternity' that boasts of the glory of women of exemplary virtues, of the likes of Sita, Sati and Savitri, joins Prasanthi Nilayam today recounting the occasion with much religious passion.


Prasanthi Nilayam celebrated the occasion, "19th Ladies’ Day", this morning with great devotional fervor, attended by devotees from different parts of the globe. The programme commenced at 0800 hrs with Vedic chanting by the students of the Anantapur Campus of SSSIHL.  A brief ‘Band Display’ by the Anantapur Brass Band followed next, who played a couple of scintillating pieces straight into the Heart of Beloved Mother Sai.This was followed by invocatory Vedam by the Anantapur students.


Dr. K.P. Sai Leela of Eswaramma Women's Welfare Trust introduced the three speakers of the day - Dr Snehalatha Deshmukh, Ms Madhuri Naganand, Prof. (Miss) Madhu Kapani to the audience.


Greeting the audience in Telugu, Dr Snehalatha Deshmukh, formerly Vice Chancellor of the University of Mumbai, elucidated on the importance of the day, pointing how and why womanhood is important. Hailing disciplined Prasanthi Nilayam and ‘its’ holy environs… speaking of virtues through beautiful ‘live’ anecdotes, the speaker exhorted the audience to be disciplined and courageous. “I came here to appreciate, learn good habits, even at this old age, as old age is no bar for learning” concluded the speaker on a positive note.


The next speaker Ms Madhuri Naganand, Member, Smt Easwaramma Woman’s Welfare Trust, spoke about the Trust’s inception by Bhagawan with a view to uplift womanhood. Enumerating statistical highlights of the Trust’s achievements in the field of service, Ms Naganand reminded women of the responsibility of mothers in tending children, by being role models in their lives. “Be aware of Sai and His Teachings to follow and to uplift our souls in our journey of life” said the speaker in conclusion.


“There is no higher God than Mother” highlighted Prof Madhu Kapani, Director of the Anantapur Campus at SSSIHL, speaking on the profundity of womanhood. Delivering a structured speech laden with profound practical wisdom, Prof Kapani hailed women as Embodiment of Sakthi, who become one with The Divine in the process of creation. ‘What better fortune can be expected than to be equated with God, The Creator,’ concluded the speaker, ending her inspiring speech with a prayer hymn.


Divine Discourse on the occasion of Ladies’ Day was played next on the Public Address System.  Bhajans continued and ended with Mangala Arathi at 0950 hrs.



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Jai Sai Ram!