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Aum Sri Sai Ram

Press Release by Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust

October 20, 2017

Gujarathi New year ​&  Avathar Declaration day Celebrations

20 10 2017-  Morning Session

True to His famous saying Love My Uncertainty, while inviting one and all to love His uncertainty in the journey called life, it is He, Sai, Who pitches forward the entire time helping, bailing out a sincere devotee in the face of any uncertainty. The Sai Youth from the State had a flavored story on this topic, well mixed with Bhagawan's favorite 'Selfless Service'.


Today is Gujarati New Year and the session this morning commenced with a brief introductory speech by the State President of SSSS Organizations, Sri Manohar Trikarnad. The State President wished Gujarathi brothers and sisters around the world a very happy and holy New Year.


Youth Girls then commenced the session with an invocatory song 'Ye Safar Hey Pyaar Ki...', a thematic offering on the journey of love.


The main programme for the morning was a drama presentation entitled "Antaryami Sai' by the Sai Youth from Valsad District.


The drama portrayed the protagonist Chinmay, an enthusiastic Sai Youth who lost his appetite for service activities post Bhagawan's withdrawal of physical frame. Left with no hope and inspiration, a completely disillusioned Chinmay withdrew himself into seclusion. His many attempts to get a decent job ended in sheer despair. In the meanwhile, the enthusiastic Sai fraternity was organising a Maha Narayayana Seva along with other activities in connection with the ensuing 91st Birthday celebrations of Beloved Bhagawan. As the discussion and preparation went on, as luck would have it, Chinmay was fondly remembered for his all-out dedicated activism. Soon he was invited and it turned out to be a 'lucky' beginning. Senior devotee and chief organizer Jignesh Bhai turned out to be his new source of immediate inspiration. Rekindling his spirit, Jignesh Bhai narrated a beautiful story from the time of Shirdi Sai, Who trained His devotees to see Him in every being, advancing to a higher level in spirituality.


Against all odds, in the face of uncertainty, as Jignesh Bhai was going ahead with the Maha Narayana Seva, secretly mortgaging his personal belongings for want of immediate money, there came a twist in the story. A stranger appeared at the venue claiming himself to be a rich businessman. He, who was into catering business wanted to conduct a Narayana Seva on the occasion of his father's 60th birthday, on the 23rd of November. The puzzle of finding an affordable caterer was solved by Bhagawan, Who organised it in His inimitable style absolutely 'free', guiding the businessman vide a dream.  The businessman, who was in need of a sincere helping hand, also offered a managerial position to the young Chinmay, closing the second puzzle, a long-time puzzle for the young, enthusiastic protagonist. To the one, who relies on Him... He is ever there, beyond all uncertainties. A fine portrayal on the importance of Selfless Service, Love and Faith.


Bhajans next ended with Mangala Arathi to Bhagawan.



20 10 2017-Evening Session


20th October is The Day of commemoration of the most stupendous announcement of all time. It was on the 20th day of the 10th month of the widely accepted Gregorian calendar  that the young Divine Sathyanarayana Raju asserted HimSelf as Sai Baba.


Blissful Joy surfaced for Mother Earth beings when The Supreme Personality of Godhead chose to decisively assert His Advent in the Physical on 20th October 1940, at the tender age of 14 years. Bathed in blinding rays of a splendorous halo, His Voice reverberated through the ether as He emphatically proclaimed: "I Am no longer your Sathya. I Am Sai.  I Am going; I do not belong to you. Maya has gone... My bhakthas are calling Me...I have My Work...I can't stay any longer."


Today, when the Sai fraternity around the world is commemorating The Event, the alumnae of the Anantapur Campus of SSSIHL under the banner 'Daughters Of Mother Sai' assembled at the Sanctum Sanctorum feasting the occasion in joyful exuberance.


The session commenced at 1650 hrs. after 20 minutes of Veda chanting by the alumnae, with an introductory talk by an alumna, dwelling on the 'day's speciality'. Two speakers shared the podium this evening, interlaced by a beautiful video presentation. The final offering was a musical bouquet.


Addressing the august evening assembly first, Ms Padmasree Guduru from Singapore spoke on the greater significance of the 'Mantra Of The Day' Manasa Bhajare...as to how It is the 'Elixir Divine' for the man in his journey of life, heading for liberation. Urging fellow devotees to try to see Him, seeking Him within... Padmasree continued with snippets of her 'little little miraculous experiences' having profound impact. The speaker concluded with a prayer seeking discipline to follow His teachings, strength, courage, power and discrimination.


'Hum Tere Hey Sai...' is perhaps everybody's right from a cosmic perspective. Yet, here we have this special bunch of His chosen students, who are special by having been His students in His educational institutions. What ensued next was a beautiful video presentation on the special Bond Of Love between The Mother Divine and His Daughters. The presentation was a mix of Divine Darshan and recollections by selected alumnae, recalling some of their priceless moments with Beloved Mother Sai. What is the shape of Love asked Bhagawan once to the tiny tots of His erstwhile Ooty School. Little ones came up with 'tiny chirpings', but finally the million-dollar question had its Infinitely Beautiful Answer from the Divine Lips. Bhagawan said: SAI IS THE SHAPE OF LOVE...SAI IS THE FORM OF LOVE... recollected one of the alumnae.


The second and final speaker was Ms Sai Sudha Narayan from Mumbai, who got into teaching profession as per His guidance. Speaking of her experiences and learning at His Feet, Sai Sudha concluded with an inspiring story with profound message, of a man in a restaurant seeking WiFi password. He was given the password, 'eatfirst' which he mistook time and again, delaying his time. The bottom-line was, God Is Ever There With A Ready Answer, But Man Has To Stay Tuned.


A musical feast followed next, comprising of solos and group songs. Solos were presented by Ms Kalaivani and Ms Ranjini. Beginning with a Ganesh Vandana, Hey Ganapati Vandan Gananayak..., as the session flowed on, the songs followed were, a soulful Darshan De Bhagawan..., a heart-wrenching plea for His Darshan, Sai Nee Sannidhi Lo..., a Telugu number, Ram Ka Gun Gaan Kariye... in Hindi, Baje Muraliya Baje..., a melodious Mira Bhajan, Hum Tere Hey Sai..., to name some of them.


Bhajans continued and the session concluded with Mangala Arathi to Bhagawan.





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