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Aum Sri Sai Ram

Press Release by Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust

November 22, 2015

90th Birthday Week Long Celebrations of Sri Sathya Sai Baba Varu

Exhibition by Sri Sathya Sai International ​Organisations

A Unique Walk-Through - Through The Life Of Sai...

The Sathya Sai International Organisation (SSIO) is holding an International Exhibition from 20th to 27th November in Prasanthi Nilayam showcasing the highlights of educational, spiritual and service activities around the world and the life of Bhagawan through audio, video and multi-media presentations and posters, skits and music programmes. This will show glimpses of the Divine glory through His life, Eternal Message and His work around the world. Sathya Sai youth worked hand-in-hand with SSIO members to arrange this offering at the Divine Lotus feet of Bhagawan Baba.

The word commitment finds its fulfilment in the International Sai Youth. Notwithstanding their duties, responsibilities, the innumerable tasks and undertakings of their professional and personal lives, they are there, almost duplicating lives in full measure for every single Sai cause. ‘Living far away from Prasanthi Nilayam, they live lives full of Prasanthi’, observed an onlooker, commenting on the stupendous allegiance to commitment and all-out dedication of this international brand of volunteers.

The reference above is a general one, about an international fraternity of dedicated volunteers, who, quite often pool themselves under the banner of the International Organisation for its multifarious projects while delivering their best. The latest expression in their list of noble ventures is a most educative exhibition on the Life and Teachings of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai, thrown open last evening here, in Prasanthi Nilayam.

This display marvellously attempts to illustrate - the Labour Of Love of the Ultimate Divine Persona, while delightfully being accomplished through a ‘labour of love’ by His own children from around the world.

The untitled Exhibition is a virtual ‘walk-through’, an enlightening journey that meanders through the most matchlessly illustrious life of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba.  After a look over from the periphery, browsing through His

Life in time-line, as one enters into the inner ring, there are 4-hearts representing the four important wings of activities of the SSIO, identified as Looking Within (Love), Practical Spirituality (How to Love), Service (Heart of Service), Service (Activities). All the four wings converge at the centre, pointing towards One Heart-Centre, significantly represented by a Tree.

Symbolical of the spiritual Truth, man, after traversing his life through the exterior, journeys through to the inner realms only to find himself within. The exhibition speaks of this ultimate journey of man from himself to Himself. From the Sai parlance, when one walks-through His Life and Messages, one is endowed with ample wisdom laden with service opportunities that ultimately opens one up to the Inner Reality, that of - I Am I.

As one strolls through, there are artworks in plenty, defining and describing ‘how to cultivate love’ and ‘how to remove obstacles that come in the way of love’, apart from various service initiatives, namely - MediCare, SocioCare, EduCare, Disaster Relief and Saving the Environment, to name a few. Distinct from other traditional exhibitions, here one finds an innovative touch, an interactive ‘theatre’ platform promising multifarious shows like live music performances, talks, musings, etc. Anyone is free to walk in and share inspiring material.

There are also many interactive avenues throughout the exhibition, presenting a refreshing ‘learning’ touch to the visiting devotees, including children. A mention is to be made as regards the ‘hand of healing’ under the section that covers MediCare, SocioCare, Disaster Relief, etc. Here the visitors are provided with blank ‘paper hands’ with a request to pen their ‘good wishes’ meant for the patients at Bhagawan’s Temple Of Healing. At the end, these messages will find their ‘home’ back at the hospital, for the patients to collectively receive and heal.

The exhibition took shape under the guidance of the Events Committee and took a year to deliver. The task was assigned to the Events Committee under the leadership of the former national youth coordinator of USA. The project took off in March and was delivered in November, as a result of herculean Labour of Love by many Sathya Sai volunteers over the past nine months.

Measurements were taken to the millimetre and colourful panels exhibited the material with an aesthetic touch, throughout the exhibition, as explained by the German designer.

The Australian architect worked tirelessly, making the blue-print a reality - the final design truly reflected Swami’s divine guidance.

The exhibition asks you to Zoom Out, as you enter and once you scan through His Life with a heart full of concentration and devotion, you are asked gradually to Zoom In… zooming into His projects, and further to the Source, the Tree - Sri Sathya Sai HimSelf.

His Creation is His Labour of Love… As a dedicated offering, when we recreate ‘His Labour of Love’ with our labour of love… it is love that meets with That Love…to become one with…with The Only Love!!!

Senior office bearers of Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust, Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organizations of India, Sathya Sai International Organisation, and members of Prasanthi Council were present during the inaugural function. After a complete round of inspection, Sri K. Chakravarthi, IAS (Retd.), Managing Trustee of SSSCT, had a word of appreciation for the yeomen efforts. He said, “We are beholden to you for having spent ample time in bringing Swami’s teachings in an intelligible format and enabling us to revisit and experience them.” “Very innovative, inspiring and informative !”

 As one comes out, with a freshened feeling of greater awareness, one is led to what is called a ‘façade booth’, a large 100 percent PVC free, eco-friendly material banner of the size 18 x 4 meters, covering the entire entrance arena. It is unique as this sheet covers the entire exhibition material in thumbnail forms, 249 in number, leaving a mosaic view of Bhagawan’s watchful eyes in the backdrop. It does serve as a ‘FaceBook’ or simply as a book cover, explaining the prospectus inside. The idea is to speak about the mammoth work being done by the SSIO, all around the world, showing it in print.

It is a must-watch, a unique exhibition, call it an innovative ‘Multimedia Book’, wherein one finds many pages, each page diverse from the other, yet claims a united thread, that being Sai - The Inner Self.

One is assured of plenty of material to study, grasp, assimilate and be aware of. This one-of-a-kind exhibition is a colossal education in itself…as well as an immensely enlightening experience, where you can enjoy very interesting briefing by the exuberant and committed team members, whose names we would like to mention but cannot due to our own disciplines.

(The Exhibition is held at the Sathsangh Hall, Ground Floor, Sathsangam buildings next to the Book Trust building. It is open from 9:00 hrs until 15:00 hrs and again from 18:00 hrs until 21:00 hrs, from 21st to 27th November)


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