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Aum Sri Sai Ram

Press Release by Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust

November 22, 2017

Bhagawan Baba's 92nd Birthday Celebrations - Day 5                                   

The evening session of the Convocation commenced after an engaging speech by His Excellency, the Vice President of India, Shri M. Venkaiah Naidu following the inauguration of Sri Sathya Sai Archives—a state-of-the-art facility built with the objective of preserving the precious messages of Bhagawan Baba for posterity—in Prasanthi Nilayam earlier this afternoon.
In his talk, The Honourable Vice President reiterated the need of such a facility so that for thousands of years, all the pieces of His grand message for humnitycan be persevered.
He was really touched to be in the Divine Presence of Bhagawan Baba and said, “Seeing His devotees is like having Darshan of Him.” He talked about the great traditions of India and how it is the headquarters of spiritualism in the world. Moreover, he said, Bhagawan Baba has been an example of giving Love and Service to all humanity. He ended by asking all of us to commit ourselves to His work and follow His lead.
The theme of the Convocation Drama this year was Bhakti (Devotion) is that absolute experience that sublimates every moment of a seeker’s life into a momentous expression of Divine Grace.
Although Bhakti Marga (The path of Devotion) has existed for ages, the Bhakti Movement of this holy land of Bharat (India) is timeless; and in this Kali Yuga, 

it is perhaps best expressed by the tradition of Namasankeertana and Bhajana sankeertana (chanting and singing the name of the Lord).
Titled Sankeertana Saaram (the Sould of singing) the story focused on one such Bhajana Sankeertana Samithi that is etched with the emotions of this noble tradition that dates back three hundred years. Right from the days of yore, these artists and their art belonged only to the Divine. Their unparalleled dedication to the Lord could never be swayed by the worldly mirages of fame and fortune.
Yet, as the winds of change greet their doors, the group finds its lead singer, Chakrapani, trying to take the Lord to every home in a world that only seeks the pursuits of pleasure. On the other hand, Raghupathi—now left alone at the helm of this age-old ship—gives his all to steer it on to the right course, silently braving all the tides of doubt gushing from all sides, and even from within.
This meandering voyage from the gentle waves to the grand crests, from the tempestuous twists to the overwhelming tides, culminates on the wise shores of the final destination that every heart beats for, the Lord Himself.
Following Prasadam distribution and bhajans, the programme concluded with Managala Aaarti by 7. p.m.



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