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Aum Sri Sai Ram

Press Release by Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust

August 24, 2015

Onam Celebrations  -  Day 2

At 1000 Hrs today in the morning, the Idol of Maha Vishnu (Guruvayurappan) from Guruvayur Temple was received with Sai Gayathri Chanting at Gopuram Gate and brought to Poorna Chandra Auditorium through a procession.

The Idol was installed in the Poorna Chandra Auditorium with full Traditional Temple rites.  This was officiated by the former Chief Priest of Guruvayur and Sabarimala Sri Sasi Nambudripad and renowned scholar of Vedic Sciences,  Dr N S Sharma.  All Poojas done at Guruvayur Temple everyday will be observed here also.  In this venue, continuous chanting of NARAYANEEYAM will take place for 3 days commencing today.

At 1630 Hrs in the evening, the regular Vedic Chanting was recited at Sai Kulwanth hall.  Sri Harikrishnan, Zonal Convenor, Sai Youth – Kerala introduced the Chief Guest of the evening, Hon’ble Justice Dama Seshadri Naidu, Justice of the High Court,  Kerala, and the Music Performers of the day.

In his Speech Justice Seshadri Naidu, narrated the story of the Frog in the Well, the Koopamanduka and said even though he belongs to a place, just 60 Kms away from Puttaparthy, and his mother tongue- Telugu, this is the first time that he was visiting Prasanthi Nilayam.  He was like a frog in the well, living in his own world, not knowing how great this place was and what was happening here.  He quoted the word 'Exemplar' which means cutaway and said a Guru like Sri Sathya Sai Baba cuts away all that is bad in Human beings and makes them exemplary.  He also narrated the story of Sage Markandeya and Vyaadha Geetha.

He said faith is a mansion and religions are rooms in that mansion.  Bhagawan Baba has taught us  how to live in our rooms and be one with the many.  He concluded by saying Sandalwood oil is distilled from the roots of the Sandalwood tree.  Similarly, Baba distills the best from us and take us along the right path.

Then followed next was, Fusion Music by Sri Anup Bhaskar & party. Sri Suresh Kumar AV and Sri Anup Bhaskar were on the Violin, Sri Sasikumar was on the Tabla, Sri Unnikrishnan was on the Mridangam, Sri Umesh with Drums, Sri Rajiv Gopal with Mukharsankh, and Sri Srijith was on Gadam.  They played Vadhabi Ganapathim… , Saamajavarajamana…., Sankara Nada Swarupa…. and a Sai Bhajan Govinda Krishna Jai.

Bhajans followed and with the Mangala Arathi the day’s proceedings came to an end at 1820 Hrs.



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Jai Sai Ram!