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Aum Sri Sai Ram

Press Release by Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust

February 26, 2015

Chinese New Year Celebrations-Day 3


On the closing day of the three-day celebration of the Chinese New Year, devotees from Singapore presented a drama entitled “Change your Thoughts, Change your Life”.

 Modern society is apathetic, even cynical, towards the sacred meanings that underlie the religious traditions behind various festivals. Indeed, devotional fervor is replaced by commercial interest in earning more out of the worshipful few, who follow such traditions. The protagonist of the drama too, was once such person, who sought to attract customers to his restaurant, ‘Manikam Chinese Restaurant”, on Chinese New Year Day with a view to cheat them and thus pad his wallet. But, fate decreed otherwise and instead he found himself being cheated by the customers and then fined by health inspectors to add to his ruin.

 At this stage a holy man teaches them through episodes from the lives of two souls saved from a life of sin by the grace of the Lord – that of a thief transformed by Chaitanya Deva, and that of Pundalika,  who initially neglects his parents, but has a change in heart to begin serving them,  with such devotion that Lord Vittala does not mind having to wait, standing on a brick, to grant devotion to this exceptional devotee.

 The story of the business minded restaurateur,  who turned a new leaf and began to serve his community, was very inspiring and well depicted through some talented performances by the actors.

 The programme concluded with Bhajans by Chinese devotees and Mangala Arati to Bhagawan.


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