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Aum Sri Sai Ram

Press Release by Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust

February 28, 2014



Auspicious night of Shiva - Maha Shivarathri bhajans commenced in glittering fashion with much religious fervour this evening here in Prasanthi Nilayam. Prior to the commencement of the night-long vigil, Akhanda Bhajan, a Maha Rudrabhishekam to the Saieeswara Lingam was offered commencing the evening proceedings.

At the scheduled hour, at 1600 hrs., the famed Saieeswara Lingam, sanctified by the Divine Hands during the 2006 Atirudram, was brought to the venue in a regal palanquin procession, from the Divine Abode Yajur Mandiram amidst Vedic chantings.

 This evening's Maha Rudrabhishekam had 18 types offerings to Saieswara Lingam. The offerings included milk, curd, ghee, honey, sugar, fruits, tender coconut water, flower, yellow rice, sandalwood paste, vibhuti, bilwa, sugarcandy juice, rudraksha, darba, gold, turmeric, kumkum etc. with each individual offerings bear spiritual religious significance. These 18 offerings are meant to appease the Indweller within, Who is verily Sai Shiva. Laghu Arathi was offered intermittently during the Rudrabhishekam.

After the abhishekam offerings even as the Saieeshwara Lingam was being decked up, Rudram, Chamakam chantings continued followed by Sathya Sai Sahasra Namavali before the final offering of Mangala Arathi marking the end of the Maha Rudrabhishekam.

Earlier, reminiscing the great good fortune of celebrating Sivarathri in the immediate  presence of Baba, students from  the Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learnning  offered a musical devotional offering..

Interspersed with commentary on the significance of Maha Shivarathri, the morning offering had eight musical gems, including some hymns, sing with professional elan mixed with great devotional fervour. The songs were: Viswanathashtakam..., Hara Hara Shankara Parthi Pureeshwara..., Lingashtakam..., Shambho Mahadeva..., Natanam Aadie Njaan...etc...


Media Coordinator
Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust
Prasanthi Nilayam

Jai Sai Ram!