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Convocation of Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning

The Convocation of the Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning is celebrated on the 22nd of November every year. Bhagawan, as the Chancellor of the University, along with the Chief Guest leads the procession consisting of the members of the Academic Council and the Governing Body of the Institute onto the dais. After all the esteemed members are seated on the dais, Bhagawan declares the Convocation open to the thunderous applause of the multitudes. Later, the Principal presents the outgoing students to the Chancellor and then Baba blesses the students and Himself gives away the medals and certificates to the outstanding performers. The Vice Chancellor then administers the Convocation oath to the graduands.

Then, the Chief Guest addresses the graduands. Following this, Bhagawan blesses all the students with His benedictory message. The function concludes with the National Anthem. The day’s proceedings conclude with a cultural programme presented by the students of the Institute.

Excerpts from Bhagawan’s Discourses:

“Students, Boys and Girls!

Give up selfishness. Develop the spirit of sacrifice. Be prepared to sacrifice your life for the sake of Sathya and Dharma (truth and righteousness). Today people are afraid to follow the path of truth. Why should one be afraid to speak truth? In fact, one should be afraid to utter falsehood. One who adheres to truth is always fearless. When you do not follow the path of truth, the fire of fear will burn you to ashes.

Embodiments of Love!
Consider love as your life and truth as your breath. There is an intimate and inseparable relationship between love and truth. Today, man uses the word ‘love’ without actually knowing its meaning. As he does not know the value and meaning of love, he is utilizing it for trivial and mundane purposes. He is under the mistaken notion that worldly and physical attachment is love and considers such love as his life. True love will reign supreme only when he gets rid of selfishness and develops spirit of sacrifice. Love is God, God is love. But you are craving for worldly love which is bereft of life. You should aspire for divine love which is your very life.

Today, there are many who are highly educated. But, of what help are they to society? Practically nothing! They are acquiring degrees for the sake of earning money. They do not serve society with the spirit of love and sacrifice. Love is the very form of Brahman. True spiritual discipline lies in connecting your love with divine love. Your life will be sanctified when you have steady and selfless love”.

- Divine Discourse: November 22, 2003

"Dear Students!

You must protect the honour of this great country. You must develop self-respect. One who has lost self-respect, cannot attain glory. Self-respect comes only out of spiritual practice. Today, students wish to achieve wealth, physical strength and a wide circle of friends. What about character? Of what use is it to have the above three, without character? Therefore, you must give first preference to character. When you respect others, others will respect you. You complain that others are not respecting you. But, did you enquire whether you are respecting others? Only when you serve others will others serve you. What you expect from others, you extend it to others first”.

- Divine Discourse: November 22, 2002

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