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Tamil New Year

The New Year Day of the Tamilians (people belonging to the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu) usually falls on the 14th or 15th of April every year. Devotees from Tamil Nadu gather in thousands in the Divine Presence to begin their New Year with Divine Darshan and benediction. They also place a bouquet of cultural programmes at His Lotus Feet.

Excerpts from Bhagawan’s Discourses:

“Today, you are celebrating the commencement of the New Year. But, in fact you should treat every second as the beginning of a New Year. Many people are worried as to what changes would the New Year bring in the social, political and economic fields. Any change if it were to take place will not wait for the arrival of the New Year. In fact, many changes are taking place from moment to moment. One need not be concerned about these things. You should be concerned that there is no transformation in your heart though years are rolling by. You have to get rid of evil tendencies in your thoughts, words and deeds. You should celebrate the arrival of New Year with noble and divine feelings. You should experience bliss by visualising the non-apparent Atmic Principle in this apparent world”.

- Divine Discourse: 14th April 2002

“Embodiments of Love! New Year does not bring new principles of truth and righteousness. They are changeless and eternal. When they are practised, the whole world will be taken care of. Hence, we have to always keep in mind these two principles. For man, truth and righteousness are his two eyes. In fact, they are his very life principles. He may undertake any activity, he may do any job or business, but he should make truth and righteousness as the undercurrent of all his endeavours.

Man has to take to a newer path. Years have rolled by, but man has not given up his old and mean feelings. He has to purify his heart. Humanness will blossom only when there is transformation of the heart. Merely putting on new clothes is not enough; man has to change his character and behaviour. His conduct should be based on truth and righteousness. He has to understand the principle of Transcendental Truth. It is present in everyone. In fact, man is not a mere mortal, he is God. The Vedas say, Raso Vai Sah (God pervades everything in the form of essence). God moves about in the form of Rasa (essence) in every limb and every cell and protects the body. Hence, He is known as Angirasa.”

- Divine Discourse: 14th April, 2003

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