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Miracles and leelas (Divine sport) are in the very nature of the Avatar and a source of delight and bliss to His devotees. From a very young age, Bhagawan was known to possess miraculous powers, producing objects from an empty bag as gifts to His classmates and often demonstrating paranormal powers of omniscience. As more and more devotees gathered at the Divine Feet, the number of such instances grew. Thousands of people from all over the world have experienced the divinity of Bhagawan in a number of ways. Some have been miraculously saved from dire situations or calamities while others have had spiritually illumining experiences. The specific instances may vary, but they all make us aware of the undeniable presence of God in our lives.

The miracles of Bhagawan are a manifestation of His divine powers of Omnipresence, Omnipotence and Omniscience. But, Bhagawan points out that His most potent power is His Love which can melt even the stoniest of hearts and fill the mind with the peace that ‘passeth all understanding’. Bhagawan calls miracles His visiting cards and says that His Chamatkars (Miracles) draw people to the Divine presence for undergoing the process of Samskar (Refinement). This refinement brings about an attitude of Paropkar (Service). By serving one’s fellowmen, one earns the grace of God and reaches the ultimate goal of Sakshatkar (Self-realization).

The scriptures set great store by contemplating on the miraculous deeds of the Lord. In the Shri Sai Satcharita, the author records the words of the Sai Baba of Shirdi on the great spiritual merit that can be acquired by listening or reading about the story of the life of the Lord come in human form. He says, “The pride and egoism of devotees will vanish, the mind of the hearers will be set at rest; and if the devotee has wholehearted and complete faith, he or she will become one with the Supreme Consciousness”.

In these pages, we have presented some of the experiences of devotees of Bhagawan. The accounts are based on the narration of these experiences in books on Bhagawan that are approved for sale at the Sri Sathya Sai Sadhana Trust (Publications Division). Read on to get a glimpse of the glory of our beloved Bhagawan.

I. Transformation of the Heart

The Aura of Selfless Love
The Testimony of Dr. Frank Baranowski, an aura expert

The Rainbow Man
A sceptic is convinced of Bhagawan’s divinity

The Story of Kalpagiri
How Bhagawan brought about a change of heart in a criminal

II. Resurrection

Resurrection of Mr. Walter Cowan
How Baba brought Walter Cowan back to life

Sri Radhakrishna – the ‘Lazarus’ of our times
How Baba gave Radhakrishna a new lease of life

“Now you can go!” - Ticket to Eternity
How Baba extended the life of Sri Seshagiri Rao

Subbamma: What a deliverance!
Bhagawan fulfils His devotee’s last wish

III. Materialization

The Miraculous Flow of Vibhuti
How Bhagawan would cause Vibhuti to flow from an empty vessel

The Sacred ‘Lingodbhavam’ Wonder
How Baba materializes and brings forth Lingas from His Being

The Manifest visits the Unmanifest

How Baba ‘re-charged’ the Badrinath Shrine

IV. Miracle Cures

The Gift of Sight and Light
Bhagawan restores Dr. Ravi Kumar’s eyesight, twice!

Special Saving Grace
How Smt. Shyamala Devi’s nephew was saved from the jaws of death

The Magic of Lord’s Blessing
A dumb and lame child is miraculously cured

All-Encompassing Compassion
How the cancer of a devout Christian was cancelled

V. Divine Revelations

“This Shiva-Shakti”
How Baba revealed the secret of His Advent

“Love Knows No Pain”
How Baba took a devotee’s suffering upon Himself

VI. Power over Nature

The Skies at His Command
How Baba cleared the Bangalore skies with one wave of His hand
The clouds are sent away in Mumbai

The Lord of the Elements
Sathya called out and the wind and the clouds obeyed!

The Celestial Vision
The Sun, the Moon – It’s all Him!

“Now, please go back, Ganga!"
How the river rushed to seek Baba’s Blessings

The Ocean’s Tribute
The Lord’s Feet are garlanded with pearls by the ocean

VII. Master of Matter

The Story of The Crucifix
Bhagawan materializes a cross made of wood from the crucifix on which Jesus was nailed!

Divine Sport - The Master Plays with Matter
The Geologist is Dumbstruck!
The Lord of Time and Matter
A Lost Treasure retrieved for a Privileged Few

Marvels And Amusements
Divine leelas on the sands of Chitravathi
Name the fruit – It’s there!
The Miraculous Lord Rama idol from the sands

Divine palliative over telephone!
How Vibhuti dropped from the phone receiver

Divine Alchemy
Baba transmutes Water into Petrol



VIII. Lord of Time and Space

Altering Time and Space
How Baba saved Dr. Hislop from calamity

Sacred treasures from the Past
Baba produces a necklace from Lord Rama’s time.

The Mysterious ring of Wilma Bronkey
The ring that kept changing form

The Omnipresent Protector
How the Governor was saved mysteriously, twice!

IX. The Power of Prayer

The Divine Guardian
Mrs.Bhat prays to Lord Subramanya, and Baba responds

The Fruit of Penance
Swami Amrithananda’s penance is rewarded with a vision of Lord Ganesha

The Supreme Blessing
Swami Purushottamananda is blessed by the Jyothir Padmanabha Darshan

"I got your two telegrams"
How Baba answered the prayer of Sri S N Singh

X. The Same Baba: Shirdi Sai and Sathya Sai

The Cure and the Confirmation
How Baba proved to Mr. Dixit that He is the same Shirdi Sai come again

The Shirdi Link
Baba reveals His Omniscience to the Rani of Chincholi

The Assurance and the Fulfillment
How Baba had prophesied His advent to Smt. Sharada Devi

XI. The One appears as Many

"Don't Worry; The Instrument is With Me"
How Baba assumed multiple forms to save a devotee

The ‘Jodi Aadipalli Somappa’ Miracle
How Baba appeared as three villagers to rescue his devotee

The Lord – Ever Alert for His devotee

How Baba appeared as an old man to save Dr. Padmanabhan

God is present in every Being
How Baba came as an old beggar to Shardamma’s house

XII. Manifesting in Multiple Locations

The Virupaksha Miracle
Young Sathya appears in the sanctum sanctorum of the Virupaksha temple

“Baba Appeared in front of My House”
How Baba was there in Venkatagiri and Manjeri at the same time

XIII. Transcorporeal Journeys

The Lord rushes to the Devotee
How Baba blesses His devotee in her last moments

“I just had an increase in temperature”
How Baba saved Mrs. Sushila from burns

“My Shoulders Are Aching”
How Baba saved Mr. Radhakrishna from a watery grave

XIV. The Miraculous Vibhuti

A Child Shall Lead Them
How the faith of little Mayan gave her a new life

The Gift of Grace
How Shiv Kumar regained his sight, speech and movement

The Unbelievable Cure
How Vibhuti allowed cricketer Sunil Gavaskar to play in Australia

The Divine Prescription
How the Aerodome Officer’s Cancer was cancelled