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Bharat: Culture and Tradition

Guru of Nations

Baba always refers to Bharat as a holy land of sacrifice and merit. He refers to Bharat as the engine, which will steer the destiny of other nations which are like bogies of a train. In His birthday message on the 23rd of November, 1990, Baba elaborated on this subject in a great detail. Here are a few excerpts from that discourse-

"Bharat" denotes the entire human family.

“When we refer to Bharat, the term is not related to any particular individual, country or circumstance. Although many different derivative meanings have been given to the term by different authorities, these are only their individual interpretations…

‘Bharathi’ denotes Goddess Saraswathi who is the Vaakdevata (Goddess of Speech). Hence every man born with the gift of speech is a Bharatiya. The name is not associated with any particular individual or country. The term ‘Bharatiya’ is applicable to the entire human family. "Bha" refers to the Principle represented by Divine Knowledge. "Self-knowledge" is "Bha." "Bharatiyas" are those who take delight in Self-knowledge. Hence everyone who shines by his own self luminous power is a Bharatiya.

Bharatiya (Indian) is one who acquired divine strength by Atmabalam (the power of the Spirit). So, whoever one may be, whatever one's country, he has to acquire this strength of the Spirit.”

Foundation of Indian Culture

On the 6th of January, 1975, in Mumbai, Baba explained the basis of Indian Culture when He said,

“When one lamp lights many lamps, all shine with equal brilliance. The Param jyothi (the Supreme Effulgence-God) is the origin and source of all the Jeevan jyothis (light of all the lamps-individuals); it is only 'ONE', without a second. The same wind is referred to as breeze, whirlwind, storm, typhoon, hurricane, etc. the same God is referred to by different Names. This is the very foundation of our culture. So, your duty is to emphasize the One, to experience the One in all that you do and speak. Do not give any importance to differences in religion, sect, status or colour. Have the feeling of Oneness permeating every act of yours.”

Ref: “Sathya Sai Speaks”, Vol.-XIII, Chapter-2.

Land of sages and saints

“Bharat has produced many great sages and saints who have taught profound truths. It is a land of heroes who fought for the freedom of the country. It has been the leader in the knowledge of various arts and sciences, in music and literature. It is most unfortunate that many born in this sacred land are unaware of its unique greatness. Love for the mother is a sweet virtue. What a pity that today, love for the Motherland should have declined!

You must love your Motherland. Resolve to dedicate your lives in her service. Unity is the primary requisite. People celebrate the birthdays of our great ones, but few care to follow their teachings. There is nothing great about celebrating birthdays. Every effort must be made to understand their teachings and act unto them.”

Fill your hearts with the heritage of Bharat

“Embodiments of Divine Atma! Esteeming love as the essence of divinity, you have to engage yourselves in loving service to society. You have to restore the glory of Bharat. Bharat has been in the past the preceptor of all nations. All other people are coming to acquire peace and enlightenment. In this situation, it is a great misfortune that Bharatiyas (Indians) themselves are not conscious of their greatness. Bharatiya history reflects the achievements of Bharat in the realms of the physical, the mental, the spiritual and all other aspects of life; we have to fill our hearts with this heritage.”

Bharat is a land of plenty

“It is high time you realised what a sacred country Bharat is. In this holy land, nothing is lacking. ‘What cannot be found in Bharat cannot be found elsewhere’ is an ancient saying. In spite of these multifarious endowments, this country is being regarded as poor and backward. This is ignorance born of delusion. Only when we free ourselves from this delusion, we can experience Atmic bliss. We can experience Brahman (divinity) only when we can get rid of bhrama (delusion).”

Promote the glory of Bharat

“When everything is available within Bharat, why go begging to other countries? Everything has originated from Bharat. Hence, having taken birth in Bharat, strive to promote the glory of Bharat. Every devotee should take a pledge to protect and promote the greatness of Bharat. Like an elephant that does not know its own strength, Bharatiyas are unaware of their power. Despite their myriad capacities, they are behaving as weaklings, like an elephant before its mahout. You have to get rid of this weakness.”

“Strive to make India strong and happy so that it may not be dependent on other countries, or become vulnerable. She was once the guru of humanity; let her assume that role again. Lead a life in such a manner that you are respected and revered as a child of Bharath, a life that will be an example and inspiration for all.”

Ref: “Sathya Sai Speaks”, Vol.-XXIII, Chapter-34.

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